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                                           KÄM - Kreis Katholischer Ärzte München

                                       Circle of Munich Catholic Physicians

Dear colleague,

let us present a young medicial association of Catholic doctors of the city and the region of Munich in Germany.

This group exists since December 2004, has 20 active and 80 passive members.


KÄM is an initiative of Dr. Gero Winkelmann, born 1954, roman-catholic physician in Munich.


                     Further informations at the following special pages:

- Principles of the CMCP-association

- dates of the next meetings

- FAQ - Frequelently Asked Questions

- special issues

- addresses

- Pro-Live movement, links      Page


                                                   Future activities of CMCP:

CMCP-medical association plans to establish other doctor’s groups of this character in other regions and

other big cities in Germany and German-.spoken countries, exspecially in:

a) Bavaria

  • INGOLSTADT, periferic circle since 2005                Page
  • Augsburg                                                             Page
  • Lindau =  Lake of Constance, Allgäu / Prealps,        Page
  • Munich-West,
  • Passau,
  • Eichstätt
  • Regensburg
  • Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria

b) Other regions in Germany:

  • Köln - Cologne      Page
  • Münster                Page
  • Krefeld, Fulda,
  • Berlin                 Page
  • Baden-Württemberg (South-West)   Page
  • Nordrhein-Westfalia  (North-West)    Page

c) Other regions in Europe: Southern Tirol (Northern Italy)  Pages in Italian and German


                                       Please, attention to the

1) Links for communication with other Catholic institutions and associations in Europe

2) Index / serach of the CMCP-website in German language   Page

3) German Website (Page) with a lot of religious and medical arguments


Further informations from Dr. Gero Winkelmann, info-kaem@arcor.de (look at  “Kontakt”)

Thank You for Your interesting.

Best wishes and greetings from Munich in Germany!

Yours sincerely

Dr. Gero Winkelmann, Founder and Director of KÄM / CMCP



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